Automation Indexers

Introduction of company

Motion Technique (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a premier supplier of Indexing Systems in India and has established itself as a preferred choice of many large engineering cos. for their requirement of high precision Indexers.

Our Indexing range of products includes Globoidal Cam Based Indexers, Ready-to-use Indexing Tables, Conjugate Cam (Parallel Shaft) Indexers, Oscillators, Pick & Place Units, Custom Designed Cams and Indexing Mechanisms.

Description of Indexer

Indexing is the repetitive movement of a mechanical element, from an initial position (starting from a rest position also known as dwell) to a new position. In other words, it can also be defined as the process of starting and stopping the motion in precise intervals at precise locations. Indexing is applied generally to either linear or rotary applications.

Cam Driven Indexers convert constant rotary motion at the input shaft into intermittent rotary motion at the output shaft.

This motion is achieved by the combination of the Cam, driven generally by a motor and reducer, and a Turret attached to the output shaft which contains the Cam follower bearings. The whole assembly is generally enclosed in an oil-filled box known as Housing.

As the cam rotates, followers on the follower wheel (Turret) are guided through a path dictated by the shape of the cam. During a specific portion of the input rotation, the cam confines the followers (and therefore, the output) to a rigid, stationary position called the Dwell. During the remainder of the camshaft rotation, the cam geometry causes the followers to move and the output to rotate. This movement is called an Index.

The turret can be made to Index round, between stopping positions or oscillate between two stops. The cam can be stopped and restarted when the turret is at rest to extend cycle times. As the cam is rotated at a constant speed, the output stops and starts (i.e., dwells and indexes) in a repetitive pattern.

When turrets are required to index in one way then the other, the mechanism is called an ‘Oscillator’


  • Simplicity - Just two basic elements, the cam and the turret make our Indexers simple, dependable and virtually maintenance-free.
  • Reliability - Hardened cams and specially designed cam followers with high B10 torque ratings make our Indexers long-lasting.
  • Precision - High turret accuracies and superior surface finish of cam track make our Indexers precise and smooth in operation.
  • High Speed - Very high speeds of up to 1200 Indexes /min while maintaining high accuracies can be achieved on our Indexers to suit various application needs.
  • Reversibility - Our Indexers work equally well in both directions of rotation.
  • Value for Money - All our Indexers are designed and manufactured using the latest computer technology and CNC machining and grinding methods thus offering a long-lasting and highly accurate product to our customers.

Application of Indexer

Cam based Indexing Mechanism play an important role in various automation applications. Some of the application areas are listed below:

  • Printing and Labeling Machines
  • Packaging and Feeding Machines
  • High Speed Tube Filling Machines
  • Pharmaceutical Machineries
  • Dairy and Food Processing Machines
  • Glass and Lamp Manufacturing Machines
  • Automatic Tool Changers
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Various Special Purpose Machines.