Indexing Systems

Globoidal Cam Indexer

These series of indexers are robust, versatile units suitable for a wide variety of applications and basically comprise of two elements, the globoidal cam and radially equispaced cam followers called Turret. Available as shaft output (RS) and flange output (RF) in many size to meet a wide variety of speed, load and space requirements.

Centre distance –
45 to 250mm

Number of stops –
2 to 36

Index angle –
90º to 360º

Oscillation angle –
1º to 180º

Accuracy +/– 30 Arc seconds

Optional centre thru-hole in flange version

Cam based Indexing Mechanism play an important role in various automation applications.

  • Printing and Labeling Machines
  • Packaging and Feeding Machines
  • High Speed Tube Filling Machines
  • Pharmaceutical Machineries
  • Dairy and Food Processing Machines
  • Glass and Lamp Manufacturing Machines
  • Automatic Tool Changers
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Various Special Purpose Machines