Vision Systems


Allows fast & easy development of customized 3d applications

Solscan offers a fast and reliable way to develop various 3D applications, giving system integrators, machine builders, and industrial end users a perfect tool to easily customize 3D applications. Solscan 3D scanning is based on structured light technology, and is capable of generating a massive and accurate point cloud on an object.

Fast Scanning

Solscan completes a scanning process in about 1.5 seconds and outputs high-quality point clouds from six-axis(x, y, z, Nx, Ny, Nz) configurations.

Dual Camera

Two built-in 2D cameras are constantly on the lookout for any fault with occlusion due to overlapping objects.

Color Function

Solscan is equipped with RGB cameras, making it possible to develop applications that are important in dealing with color differentiation.

Friendly GUI

Solscan comes with an easy-to-use GUI, and also software for point cloud export.

Compatible with Robot Operating System (ROS)

Point clouds can be output to a ROS for application development within the system.

GenIcam 3D Interface

Solscan comes with a GenIcam 3D interface, which can help simplify tasks for users of such 3D software as Halcon or Common Vision Blox (CVB).

Object Recognition & Classification


Pick & Place

Robot Guiding

Object Scanning