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AccuPick 3D presents a new bin picking technology that blends 3D machine vision and deep learning. The synthesis provides robot with an intelligent eye, enabling them to carry out tasks previously considered impossible or difficult.

Reduce training time to recognize complex objects in 3D

Training machines to recognize complex or irregularly shaped objects in random poses often take up a lot of time. With AccuPick 3D, the job is simplified with deep learning – all that′s required is inputting several photo images of the objects and let the machine learns to recognize.

No 3D cad file? Not a problem

Most conventional bin picking systems require users to input CAD file. However, many objects are without a CAD file, or the end user simply isn′t willing to share its CAD file. AccuPick 3D is a perfect solution as no CAD file is necessary – all it takes is to upload the images of the objects for software to train and learn.

16 major robot brands supported

AccuPick 3D works with 16 major robot brands. And the list is expanding. AccuPick also communicates with major PLC brands including Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Mitsubishi, and Omron. The open platform approach provides our customers the flexibility to choose robot brand(s) that best fit their requirement.

Fast motion planning to prevent bin collision

Recognizing an object and its location is one thing, but actual picking without hitting the bin is just as challenging. AccuPick′s optional motion planning module quickly identifies the optimal path a robot needs to take to complete each pick. This motion planning works for any of the 16 robot brands that′s supported by AccuPick 3D.

Fast image scanning and processing

AccuPick 3D comes with a structured light scanner composed of two 2.3mp cameras scanning at 0.2 second per image. Per scanned image consists of about two millions points and is processed within a second, regardless the complexity of scanned images. Fast image scanning and processing makes AccuPick 3D an indispensable companion to increase factory or warehouse productivity.


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