Robotic Vision System


At Solomon, our mission is to make it possible for robots and machines to perform increasingly complex jobs required by today´s manufacturing industries by providing them with human-like vision and recognition capabilities.

Our products, existing or under development, blend advanced 3D vision and the latest deep learning technologies, tackling tasks previously thought impossible or impractical for robots and machines to perform.


Advanced 3D Vision Systems for Robotics with Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

AccuPick - Random Bin Picking

Solmotion - Vision guided robot system

SolScan - Multi-purpose 3D structured light scanner

SolVision - Defect and Patterns inspection

ACCUPICK 3D Features


Solomon AccuPick 3D is a powerful robotic 3D vision solution superior to other similar products in the market. Its variable 3D vision hardware compatibility, along with its comprehensive AI-based vision software algorithm and its multi-brand robot motion planning interface, makes AccuPicK 3D the perfect all-in-one solution for your robotic 3D vision projects.

  • Multiple 3D Scanners Compatibility
  • In-house AI Recognition Algorithm
  • Wide Range of Supported Robots
  • Robot Motion Planning
  • No CAD File Required and an Ease-of-Use GUI


Leveraging the powers of 3D vision and AI, Solmotion takes robot motion planning development a notch higher by boosting the capability of a machine to identify variable positions and orientations of an object quickly and accurately. With Solmotion, robots are able to perform tasks without having to fix an object's position through a mechanical fixture.


  • Motion Planning
  • Defect Inspection
  • Glueing, Sealing and Welding
  • Assembly Automation
  • Painting and Polishing
  • Pick and Place
  • Packaging and Stacking
  • Machining