Robotic Arm


As the smallest and most precise six-axis industrial robot arm on the market, the Meca500 represents a new generation of industrial robots.

  • Precise
  • Ultracompact
  • Easy to integrate

Differntiate your work

Save Space

Make optimal use of your space by using the Meca500, the industrial robot with the smallest footprint and no controller cabinet. Go compact.

Gain Flexibility

Switch from fixed to flexible automation by integrating a six-axis robot to your system or production line. Enjoy a customizable solution.

Exceed Expectations

Automate high-precision tasks and delicate manipulations thanks to Meca500’s 5-µm position repeatability. Reach for precision.

Improve Quality

Reliably automate micro positioning tasks and delicate manipulations thanks to Meca500’s unrivaled precision and accuracy. Choose perfection.

Gain Control

Integrate the Meca500 into your system or production line without hassle, thanks to the robot’s simple but powerful connectivity. Embrace usability.

The Meca500 is used in various industry sectors such as
medical device, pharmaceutical and technology manufacturing applications

  • Inspection & testing
  • Precision insertion Gluing
  • Precision Assembly
  • Pick & Place
  • Dispensing
  • Microprecision Positioning