Vision Systems


A simple way to address machine vision problems

  • Segmentation
  • Detection
  • Classification

AI Vision offers intuitive graphic user interface (GUI) and SDK, simplifying the tasks of integrating inspection results into machine builders′ equipment or into SIs′ or end users′ systems.


Vision with intelligence

AI Vision offers human-like, self-learning software to detect irregular patterns, defects or features typically challenging for conventional AOI (automated optical inspection) software to inspect. All that′s required is inputting tens of image samples to AI Vision software for the deep learning software to distinguish and learn; no code writing is necessary.

Improve quality and productivity

AI Vision is composed of three functions – segmentation, detection, classification. User may apply one or more of these functions to achieve desired objectives.


Allows users to examine objects at pixel level and can be used to detect and classify objects at finer level.


Scratches, cracks, stains, or highly deformed characters can be detected with AI Vision in supervised mode or unsupervised mode (requiring larger sample size). These defects can be learnt and identified automatically on different type of non-reflective materials and shapes.


Objects can also be classified based on their features, such as color or patterns. Classification and is useful for wide variety of applications, especially when objects can be sorted automatically by robots.